'Ramblin Toes' walk through SunnyGovan!


Peter Glenfrom Irvine (formerly Craigton Road, Govan)

Friday, 14th January 2000, I've just come off the bus from Irvine before it joins the motorway at Helen Street going into the city centre.
Its a wee while since I was last in Govan, I was raised in Craigton Road just at Teucharhill, so I'm intending to walk down that way and see what's changed.
First thing I notice is that the cops have a brand new station at the corner of Helen Street and Paisley Road West, opposite the Bellahouston Park where the old White City used to be.
It looks mighty impressive from the outside, I'm getting past the stage of finding out from inside though I reckon you'll have a lovely view if you get a windae facing the park!!!
I continue briskly down Helen Street and cross over the M8, its a busy road, is it no?
Where's the clenny? The gas reservoir is on my right but the cleansing department have flitted and on my left Asda have opened a brand new superstore on the site that was my playground at one time. AND there's a MacDonalds right at the front where we would get a hudgie aff the middin motors! Is nothing sacred?
Further down on my right the cops are building ANOTHER massive building, I find out that this place is for the traffic department and its being built over the site of the Ibrox bus garage. It will take a lot of speeding fines to pay for this!
I come to a roundabout at the corner of Helen Street and Shieldhall Road and I turn left, but I notice that the 'Ants Park' is now a building site and the Polar Engines and Harland's glass building have gone.
Up I go over the hill and lo and behold the scheme has disappeared!
Only the semi's are still standing, the closes have all been demolished. That's sad.
I turn right at Craigton Road and notice that my old house is still standing, but its in a bit of a state, so I'll keep the number to myself to save face.
The place doesn't look all that good now, there's hardly anyone about, like a ghost town.
Walking past the old bakery, (its now a business centre), I remember the pies we stole (sorry, found) as the vans returned from their deliveries.
At Crossloan Road I'm starting to feel lost, the church on the corner has gone and there are new houses built all around me, I don't fancy walking towards the Elder Park so I turn right and head towards Helen Street but I'm lost. There are no familiar buildings to be seen at all.
I see the old Harhill baths but they are now closed, so I carry on down towards Govan Cross.
A new shopping centre and bus depot greet me and I think I'll just head back to the old place of 'IRVINE NEW TOWN', I know my way about there now!!!!!

Enjoyed my wee walk though, the air is so much cleaner than these 'new' towns.


The Plaza in its heyday!

All that's left now.

The olden days!



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